Monday, 2 July 2012

More on my depressing dating life

I really need to hear some good stories of people finding their soul mate or just plain old ordinary life partner later in life.....I need some belief that this can happen!  I'm starting to think it's a lost cause and I find it all so exhausting - it's too much for this slightly needy/anxiouxly attached introvert.
I'm putting my heart and soul into this - admittedly I'm not going to as many meet up groups now, so should try and get back into that.  May go to a backgammon group this Thursday - I'd love to find someone I could play backgammon/cards with - to think I once said no to a man who wanted children, played backgammon and was really into me - oh regrets I've had a few.  Honestly I tried to like him, but I found him a bit boring - but then he was reliable and had a job and all those good things - I really wish I'd given him more of a chance, I tried but not hard enough I fear.
I've been seeing a bit of a man I met at a walking meetup group - he actually paid for lunch for me last time - even though I picked the place and suggested it!  I was mighty impressed - yes it doesn't take much to impress me - also he rang to say he was going to be 20mins late as he'd been at a funeral - he's punctual, reliable and relatively generous.  So at the end of lunch he said "Should we do this again" and seemed keen, I said yes, but I'm busy most of next week, he said the following week then, I agreed and said, "call me" and we can set a time.  End of the week and I hadn't heard from him!  Annoying - so as I had an appointment near where he lives in a week I texted him this morn to see if he wanted to have lunch before my appointment.  He does and is going to find a suitable place considering my preference not to eat bread.  So again impressive - but why the hell couldn't he ring me - I've instigated our 3 'dates' he seemed keen last time to catch up again - but then nothing....I really don't get it!  What do I do with this man??  Oh there is one thing not so great about him - he's MUCH shorter than me - it doesn't really concern me that much - sure I prefer to go out with taller men but at 6" tall, I know it limits my options!
Then there's a man who lives out of town in a country town and really doesn't have his act together, but I kind of like him.  If nothing else I'd like us to be friends - but he just seems to want sex - well maybe not just but does seem to be somewhat fixated.  He has really chronic rheumatoid arthritis and doesn't seem to be able to hold down a job - I know not sounding great - but I do care about him, even though he plays games and frustrates the hell out of me with his inconsistency and push me pull me behaviour.